WINTERSTEIGER DISCOVERY, Sport Alfredo presenta la novità per questa stagione,

Trattiamo gli sci con i guanti per garantirvi una discesa perfetta!

Sport Alfredo in Corvara unveils a new machine for ski and snowboard maintenance that will ensure you get maximum performance from your skis.

The new automated WINTERSTEIGER machine can meet the diverse needs of every skier and make all descents safe and fun. With this new machine, skis and snowboards will be adjusted to perfection, ensuring maximum accuracy.

In addition, the integrated Ceramic Disc Finish will align the side edge and underside to the perfect angle.

Thanks to the new WINTERSTEIGER machine you will enjoy your day on the snow in Alta Badia and always get the highest quality performance from your ski and snowboard rental equipment.

The main benefits for every skier:

  • Easier skiing
  • More fun
  • Faster learning
  • Improved safety: better grip on icy slopes
  • Smooth and uniform edges
  • Longer-lasting grip
  • Better handling

... and now, a snow-tastic ski trip awaits!

Where can I rent skis and snowboards in Corvara? Easy: at Sport Alfredo

Always the best sports equipment

If you want to ski in complete safety in Alta Badia on the Dolomiti Superski slopes, you’ve found the right place.
At Ski service Sport Alfredo we have winter sports specialists to help select the most suitable equipment for your needs.

You can also be sure that the equipment you rent is always in top condition thanks to the new WINTERSTEIGER ski and snowboard maintenance machine.

We make every ski and snowboard rental item work perfectly, right down to the blade waxing.
You'll always receive great advice from our team: your safety and enjoyment are our priority.

Price list ski service

Wax € 8.00
Edges & wax € 30.00
Fullservice ski € 35.00 - 60.00
Snowboard: fullservice € 40.00 - 60.00
Snowboard: wax € 10,00
Snowboard: edges & wax € 35,00
Infrared ski waxing € 15,00
Electronic control of binding € 15,00